Josdale Farm - Butchers of Distinction

Josdale Farm - Butchers of Distinction

Cavendish Group19 April, 2020

One of our personal favourites would most definitely be the Black Angus Beef from Josdale.

Grass fed beef are generally bland in taste, lean with little marbling. But Josdale Black Angus, has consistently produced lean, but yet juicy and tasty high quality beef. Josdale Black Angus is healthy, much lower in fats but packs great taste.

It is highly praised by our customers. At its price range, nothing beats its delivered quality. We use Josdale Black Angus fresh beef for our sitr-fry beef, diced beef and minced beef products. This is the reason why you would find that our cuts less fatty but yet tender, juicy and fresh. Unlike most grocers, we do not use trimmings of other cuts in our products, hence retaining the highest quality delivered for the price you pay for. 

If you are a steak lover, this would be one of those very rare grass-fed steak, which you would fall in love with.

Bon Appetit~! 

The Taste Buddies.