Gippsland Mango Blood Orange Yogurt
160g Cup

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" I have tried almost every brand you can find in Singapore, by far, Gippsland yogurts is one of the best yogurts, made almost like it was for dessert. All their flavours are light in sweetness, rich and super creamy. In particular, my daughter, Elly, loves both blood orange and toffee honey flavours." - Chief of Taste, Ryan.


Sweet, juicy mangoes with a twist of tangy blood orange, this is one of Gippsland's crowning achievements. Once you’ve tasted Mango & Blood Orange, you’ll find it hard to have anything else.

Ingredients: Yogurt (90%) [Skim Milk Concentrate, Water, Cream, Sugar, Milk Protein, Yogurt Cultures], Blended Fruit (10%) [Sugar, Mango Puree Reconstituted (25%), Water, Blood Orange Juice Reconstituted (18%), Orange Pulp (10%), Thickener (1442), Natural Flavours, Acidity Regulators (330, 331), Natural Colours (120, 160b)].

Storage: Keep Chilled